Contribution of vehicle remote sensing to in-service/real driving emissions monitoring - CONOX Task 3 report

Remote sensing of vehicle exhaust emissions has been applied in Europe since the 1990’ies. Gaseous pollutant emission rates are measured as accurately as e.g. with PEMS instruments. The extra power of remote sensing comes from the big sample numbers and the fact that it is a non-intrusive technique. The CONOX project assembles the data from remote sensing measurement campaigns in Europe between 2011 and 2017. The unified database becomes a new research infrastructure allowing a finer than ever analysis of vehicles’ emission performance with statistical representativeness.

Examples of the added value from remote sensing measurements include:
1. Representative emission factors by manufacturer for all relevant Euro emission control stages;
2. Cross-check of PEMS measurements with representative vehicle sample;
3. Completion of PEMS measurements for brands, models and engine families not covered;
4. Analysis of emission performance as a function of vehicle age;
5. Analysis of emission performance as a function of ambient temperature;
6. Cross-comparison of emission performance between countries: How valid is a single European emission factor?
7. Analysis of share and contribution from high emitting vehicles.

In-depth illustrations of the first three applications are provided in this report.

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