Compilation of data for Sweden to the GAINS model

The purpose with the project was to create a robust system for development of national emission scenarios in the GAINS model that are consistent with Swedish official emission inventories and emission projections. Such a system required a structured compilation of information sources as well as a systematic method for re-formatting data. The basis for the data compilation was the data used in the official Swedish emission inventory and emission projections. These data sometimes needed to be complemented for more detailed information from official sources such as the Swedish Transport Administration, Swedish Energy Agency, and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Following this a data conversion tool was developed. After introducing Swedish data and projections into the GAINS model we could compare and analyse differences between emissions in the Swedish scenario in the GAINS model and the emissions in the official Swedish national reporting. The results showed that emissions were suitably aligned for SO2, while NOx and PM2.5 emissions differed. All in all, this project describes the process of developing a scenario for Sweden in the GAINS model based on national data. Special attention, and a systematic approach, is needed in the re-aggregation and re-allocation of fuels and sectors from a Swedish format to a GAINS model format. Further development of the approach used during re-allocation and re-aggregation of data is needed, as well as increased national knowledge regarding the current and expected use of air pollution emission control technologies in Sweden.

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