Assessment of the Impact of China's CDM Projects on Sustainable Development

This report is one of the important achievements of the EU‐China CDM Facilitation Project.


Climate change and sustainable development are the two great challenges that the mankind must face today and it is internationally recognized that the climate change shall be addressed under the framework of sustainable development. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (“the Convention”) taking effect in 1994 includes sustainable development as one of the three basic principles for addressing climate change and specifies that “the Parties have a right to, and should, promote sustainable development. Policies and measures to protect the climate system against human‐induced change should be appropriate for the specific conditions of each Party and should be integrated with national development programmes, taking into account that economic development is essential for adopting measures to address climate change.”

The Delhi Ministerial Declaration on Climate Change and Sustainable Development (“the Delhi Declaration”) adopted at the Eighth Session of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention held in New Delhi, India in 2002 further defines that climate change issues should be addressed under the framework of sustainable development. In this context, all the countries formulate national strategies against climate change and integrate them with those for sustainable development.

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