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Petrochemicals and climate change governance

The project "Petrochemicals and climate change gonvernance: Powerful fossil fuel lock-ins and policy options for transformative change" aims to make a significant contribution to strengthening the field of petrochemicals in climate change governance.

An investigation into the petrochemical sector

The project aims to provide an investigation into the petrochemical sector to
strengthen awareness of its relevance to the climate crisis and to provide tools and
recommendations for decisions makers as well as other stakeholders on how to approach
change in this sector.

Aerial top view oil and gas chemical tank with oil refinery plant background at twilight.

The project objective

  • Provide an understanding of the key power structures, lock-ins, and restraints that must be overcome in order to facilitate a low-carbon transition of the sector.
  • Characterise and analyse the inter-related and operational economic relationship between fossil fuel extraction and petrochemicals production.
  • Map the key actors, ownership structures and financial ties in the petrochemical sector industry and important links to fossil fuel extraction, including a financial analysis of the anticipated expansion of the industry.
  • Provide policy recommendations on how to minimize current and future climate impact from this sector.
Business concept. Business people discussing the charts and graphs showing the results of their successful teamwork.

Final report, research papers and policy briefings

The main deliverable will be a core report, structured into five interlinked chapters. Each chapter will be made into a stand-alone report for dissemination purposes, a short policy brief and/or popular science article, and a peer-reviewed academic publication.

To launch the final report, a launch event will be organized, to which selected academic experts, non-profit organisations, and policy practitioners will be invited.

Core impact

The project’s core impact will be to build greater understanding of the actors, finance, and political dimensions, and greater appreciation of the range of international tools and strategies available for the transforming petrochemical sector. A key part of the overall aim is to develop and diffuse improved knowledge about the petrochemical sector.

The project is funded by V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation

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