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Programme and Scientific Committees

The joined conference will provide a broad discussion forum for questions related to the impacts of transport sector on all parts of the environment including the atmosphere, terrestrial ecosystems, the marine environment, and the climate. The conference will also cover topics including holistic assessment of impacts of transport and scenarios and policy options for sustainable transport. ​

TAP topics

  • Euro 7 proposal and new emission control topics: extended emission testing conditions, new pollutants incl. NH3, N2O, CH4, extension to PN10, non-exhaust emissions (evaporation, brakes, road and tyre wear, resuspension)​
  • On-Board Monitoring and On-Board Diagnostics, emission tampering, emission deterioration, geofencing​
  • In-service conformity and new concepts for enhanced emission testing in PTI​
  • Remote sensing of vehicle emissions​
  • Vehicle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy consumption, vehicle, and fuel life cycle analysis​
  • Vehicle emission modelling and measurements, impact assessment of emission regulations​
  • Non-road emissions: rail, aviation, and mobile machinery



Organization and country

Miriam Elser


Asif Faiz

Faiz&Assoc. LLC (US)

Salah Khardi

IFSA/Univ Eiffel (F)

Jens Borken-Kleefeld

IIASA/Univ Dresden (AT/DE)

Benedikt Notter


James Tate

ITS/Univ Leeds (UK)

Åke Sjödin


Georgios Fontaras


Zisis Samaras


Leonidas Ntziachristos


Nicolas Moussiopoulos


Jonathan Andersson

Ricardo (UK)

Nikolas Hill

Ricardo (UK)

Robin Smit


Norbert Ligterink


Robin Vermeulen


Ye Wu

Tsinghua Univ (CN)

Stefan Hausberger


Martin Rexeis


Peter Sturm


Joint TAP and S&E sessions:

  • Emissions – exhaust and non-exhaust emissions, impact of abatement measures (emission of air pollutants, water contaminants, GHG and energy pollution including ambient and underwater noise and vessel-induced mixing, experimental studies, emission modelling, emission inventories)
  • Atmospheric processes and air quality impact studies (modelling impacts of transport on air pollution and climate, impacts of transport-related air pollution on health and ecosystems)
  • Compliance monitoring (technological and legal frameworks; experimental studies, theoretical impact studies)
  • Reduction measures for emissions of GHGs (alternative fuels, electrification, optimization of energy consumption; interdisciplinary and cross-sector studies)
  • Scenarios and Policy Options for Sustainable Transport

S&E topics:​

  • Marine processes – fate of pollution from shipping in the marine environment (impact studies on ecotoxicology, eutrophication and acidification, energy pollution including underwater noise & induced mixing; experimental work, modelling studies of dispersion, transport and chemical and biological processes in marine waters )​
  • Holistic assessment of shipping impacts on the environment, shipping in marine​ spatial planning​


Organization and country

Jukka-Pekka Jalkanen​

FMI (FI )​

Leonidas Ntziachristos​

AUTh (GR)​

Johan Mellqvist​

Chalmers (SE)​

Erik Fridell ​


Volker Matthias​

Hereon (DE)​

Jana Moldanova​


Ida-Maja Hassellöv​

Chalmers (SE)​

Christa Maradino

Gemoar (DE)

Lars Hole

Met Norway (NO)

Elisa Giubilato

Univ. of Venice (IT)

Julia Hansson


Danielle van Dinther