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Joint TAP and S&E Conference ​2023

An international scientific conference on transport and related impacts on air pollution, environment, and climate.

TAP&SE 2023 is a forum to discuss a wide variety of questions related to the impacts of the transport sector on all parts of the environment, including atmosphere, climate, terrestrial ecosystems and the marine environment. At a time when a fast transition to carbon neutral transport is essential, we welcome both contributions in the traditional areas of TAP and S&E conferences, and holistic studies investigating multimodal transport and/or impacts on several areas of the environment.

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About the TAP conference ​ series

TAP, the International Transport and Air Pollution conference has been held since 1986 in Graz (Austria), Zurich (Switzerland), Avignon, Reims, Toulouse and Lyon (France), Boulder (CO, USA) and Thessaloniki (Greece). During these years, it has evolved into a key event of dialogue and networking in the areas of transport and air pollution, between scientists, researchers, industry and policy makers. ​

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About the S&E conference ​series

S&E, the Shipping and the Environment is the 3rd conference organised in Gothenburg providing a forum for discussion between researchers, policy makers and industry on the environmental impacts of the shipping and their coupling to the development of the maritime transport sector, environmental and climate policies and marine spatial planning.

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