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News | 2022-10-28

PFAS Data – what is available? Denmark and Sweden​

This month talk initiators are Melissa from IVL/Sweden and Anne Mette from Defense minister/Denmark who has presented available database in respective countries.

Mapping the contaminated sites is the one of the first steps towards PFAS work, but many countries lack those databases. Denmark has measurements since 2012, and Anne Mette presented the open database system for polluted sites and its structures. Melissa showed corresponding ones from Sweden. Questions were raised such as “who is managing the site?” “who can edit?” “How often is the database updated” etc.

Title: PFAS Data – what is available? How does it look in different countries? What measurements are done and what data is available? Examples from Denmark and Sweden

Talk initiator: Melissa Melissa Goicoechea Feldtmann, Sweden & Anne Mette Bräuner, Denmark

Contact the talk initiators: Melissa Goicoechea Feldtmann, melissa.feldtmann@ivl.se
Anne Mette Bräuner, FES-JFS12@mil.dk