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Pressrelease | 2020-04-22
Small houses in Visby, Sweden

Gotland to develop a green industrial symbiosis park

IVL, together with the association Tillväxt Gotland, will investigate the potential for developing an industrial symbiosis park near Visby on Gotland. A survey will now be done to see what industrial collaborations are possible and how they can contribute to a fossil-free and circular economy on the island.

"This will strengthen industries and collaborations on Gotland. Existing companies get a chance to grow and new companies can come here and develop," says Roger Hammarström, Development Manager at Tillväxt Gotland.

Industrial symbiosis means that companies share resources, energy and equipment with each other to achieve both economic and environmental benefits. In Sweden, there are several examples of how neighbouring industries increase production efficiency by making waste or by-product resources from one business a resource for another.

IVL will lead the scoping study to identify possible synergies and exchanges that can develop between companies, industries and urban areas. In addition, the project will build on regional strengths and opportunities of Gotland to determine the best strategy to establish the park and its synergies.

"This is a unique opportunity for researchers to be part of the development of an industrial symbiosis network from the beginning. We will identify and assess different options, including types of companies and how they can interact with existing industrial and urban stakeholders – with the aim of promoting a circular and fossil-free economy on the island", says Steve Harris, project leader and researcher at IVL.

Gotland has begun a transition to increased self-sufficiency in energy and material use. As an island, it is an ideal test bed. The closeness that the island offers, both geographically and socially, can also be an advantage in developing the collaborations needed for industrial symbiosis. The new symbiosis park is intended to serve as a central node, where innovative and creative collaborations can grow.

The project will co-operate with the Energy Center Gotland, which is also being developed and which will support Gotland's transition to renewable energy. Other companies and stakeholders who are interested in collaboration or want to know more about the project are welcome to contact us.

"With the favourable conditions and ambitious goals that Gotland has, we believe that there are many opportunities for collaboration and synergies that can reduce environmental impact and promote a circular economy. This is an important step in promoting industrial symbiosis in Sweden," says Michael Martin, researcher at IVL.

The project is funded by Tillväxt Gotland and co-financed through the IVL Foundation SIVL.

For more information, please contact:
Steve Harris, steve.harris@ivl.se, +46 (0)10-788 69 11
Michael Martin, michael.martin@ivl.se, +46 (0)10-788 66 81
Roger Hammarström, roger@tillvaxtgotland.se, +46 (0)70-562 22 22

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