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Pressrelease | 2020-02-19
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Record-breaking international interest in Swedish smart city solutions

Swedish smart and sustainable city solutions are attracting a record number of foreign players to the country. Smart City Sweden can today showcase over 100 solutions in environmental technology, mobility, urban planning, digitization and social sustainability at locations across Sweden.

Major cities the world over are experiencing rapidly increasing urbanization. Smart City Sweden showcases solutions built around technical supply systems for energy, water, waste and transport. The platform also presents solutions for urban planning, community participation and citizen involvement. The goal is to inspire others to follow suit – and to export Swedish sustainable and smart solutions in these areas. The platform is operated by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute together with six regional nodes from Umeå in the north to Malmö in the south, on assignment from the Swedish Energy Agency.

Last year, there was record interest from abroad with a total of 1,700 visitors from 55 countries. Most visitors came from China and other parts of Asia. But Latin American countries such as Colombia and Mexico also came to Sweden to study Smart City Sweden operations.

"We are poised to meet extensive international interest in Smart City Sweden and Swedish solutions in general. Together with the expertise Swedish authorities are able to deliver, the local knowledge held by regional representatives and experienced business developers, we are more than able to provide support for new international initiatives," says Annika Nilsson at the Swedish Energy Agency, who coordinates the initiative.

Smart City Sweden showcasing activities have led to projects in China, India and South Korea in areas such as urban planning, air quality and water purification.

"We attempt to connect companies interested in exporting their products and services with our showcase operations. Our goal is to export Swedish solutions and attract foreign investors," says Östen Ekengren, Deputy CEO IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and tasked with business development at Smart City Sweden.

In 2020, we will continue our efforts to strengthen cooperation with foreign cities that have shown interest in Swedish solutions.

For more information, please contact:
Johan Strandberg, project leader IVL, johan.strandberg@ivl.se, +46 (0)10-788 65 98
Annika Nilsson, Swedish Energy Agency, annika.nilsson@energimyndigheten.se, +46 (0)16-544 20 63

About Smart City Sweden

Smart City Sweden showcases and demonstrates smart and sustainable Swedish city solutions for an international audience. Smart City Sweden is a government assignment set to run between 2018-2021. The assignment spans seven Swedish authorities, the Swedish Energy Agency, the Housing Agency, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Land Survey, the Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, as well as including Vinnova and Business Sweden. The platform is operated on behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency by IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and six regional nodes: Region North – North Sweden Cleantech through the Distribution of Competence in Umeå, Region Mid – Dalarna Science Park, Region East – IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Region West – Business Region Gothenburg, Region Southeast – Cleantech Östergötland, Region South ­ Sustainable Business Hub. www.smartcitysweden.com External link, opens in new window..  

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