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Pressrelease | 2019-01-09

Smart City Sweden is expanding

The Swedish Energy Agency has given IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute the mission to develop Smart City Sweden, the national demonstration platform for smart and sustainable city solutions. One important part of the expansion is that six regional Smart City Sweden offices will be established in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Linköping, Borlänge and Umeå.

– This will increase the opportunity for international delegations to experience solutions located in all parts of Sweden. The regional offices will be run by members of ASSET, the Association of Swedish Environmental Technology Industries, in collaboration with different organizations depending on the region, says Marcus Lind, communication manager at Smart City Sweden. Wider thematic scope Another feature of this exciting scale-up is a wider thematic scope of the solutions that are being promoted within the Smart City Sweden platform. Social sustainability, Urban planning and Digitalization will now add to our previous focus on solutions within Energy, Climate and Environment and Mobility. Finding best cases Also, a new group consisting of seven government agencies will collaborate and identify their best innovations within the five different thematic areas mentioned above. Additionally, the six regional offices will add to this new selection of best cases, highlighting their respective strengths. For more information, please contact: Hanna Eriksson Lagerberg, Project Manager, hanna@smartcitysweden.com, phone +46 10-788 66 09 Marcus Lind, Communication Manager, marcus@smartcitysweden.com, phone + 4610-788 68 67 http://smartcitysweden.com/  

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