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Pressrelease | 2016-09-27

First aircraft to publish its environmental product declaration

An aircraft type has, for the first time, registered an environmental product declaration (EPD). It is Bombardier Aerospace that has published an EPD for one of its aircraft types; this in order to transparently demonstrate the aircraft's environmental impact throughout its entire lifecycle.

- We are very pleased to see the first EPD registration from the aerospace industry. This shows that EPDs are useful also for manufacturers of complex products - if they only have the will to openly communicate their environmental performance, says Elin Eriksson, Director at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Chairman of IVL's subsidiary EPD International AB. According to Bombardier, about eighty percent of an aircraft's environmental performance is determined already at the designing stage. This was something that affected their decision. - We are very proud to publish the first EPD in the aviation industry. With an EPD for our CS100 aircraft we can now give our customers reliable and comparable information with regards to the environmental performance of our aircraft, says Fred Cromer, president of Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. - It is an impressive work that has been done. Because it is the airline industry's first EPD, the work to develop and establish new calculation rules for the product category has taken a lot of the time, says Kristian Jelse, project manager at EPD International AB. The international EPD system is an information system that objectively describes products and services in an environmental life cycle perspective. It is managed by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute since 2014 through an affiliated company. Having an EPD registered product or service means that the environmental impact of the entire life cycle has been calculated based on specific calculation rules, verified and published in a publically available declaration. The need for qualified environmental information has increased rapidly. Within the international EPD system products and services from 31 different countries are currently registered. It is possible to make EPDs on all products and services including transport, infrastructure, construction materials, furniture, textiles and food. For more information contact: Kristian Jelse, kristian.jelse@ivl.se, telephone +46 10-788 69 13

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