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News | 2024-04-12
A woman and a man jointly cut a yellow hose. On the left a woman holds a microphone; on the right a man holds one end of the hose.

“How often do you get to cut a hose”, asked IVL’s CEO John Rune Nielsen. Then, together with Professor Kerstin Forsberg, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, he did his duty, and declared SWIC officially opened. Also present are Mayumi Narongin-Fujikawa, coordinator at SWIC and Niclas Bornold, IVL. Photo: Anette Andersson Fahlkvist.

SWIC research centre opened

Sjöstadsverket Water Innovation Centre, SWIC, is a unique facility that develops technologies to make use of resources in wastewater. It has now moved to Loudden in Stockholm and has been officially inaugurated.

SWIC, which is jointly managed by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, is used both for research and as a test and pilot facility for industry and other parties. Since 2008, this has taken place at Henriksdalsberget in Stockholm under the name Hammarby Sjöstadsverk, but now both the name and the location are new.

"A new facility provides new opportunities. Pilot and demonstration facilities are extremely important in the innovation system – to generate new knowledge, but also to communicate the possibilities”, said IVL's CEO John Rune Nielsen at the opening of SWIC on 11 April.

A platform for collaboration

He emphasized that SWIC is a significant investment for both IVL and KTH and that the facility is extremely important for sustainable development in the field of wastewater for municipalities, industry and academia.

"For KTH, which trains the engineers of the future, it is important to have access to SWIC as a platform where we can collaborate in exciting projects", said Professor Kerstin Forsberg from KTH.

Then they both took a firm grip of the hose cutter, cut the water hose, and SWIC was thereby officially inaugurated.

SWIC is now located in a former municipal wastewater treatment plant at Loudden, rented by Stockholm Vatten och Avfall, which is supplemented by a newly built process hall.

Pilot facilities and projects

The inauguration brought together project partners, funding bodies and water researchers, who were given a tour of SWIC's pilot facilities, i.e. technical solutions for different types of water treatment.

The researchers also presented the many different projects that are under way. These range from long-term tests of membranes for purifying Stockholm's water to recent achievements such as IVL's patented instrument, the Turbinator, which is used to measure flows in sewage and stormwater pipes without contact.

Read a report: Developing the future of water treatment at SWIC (in Swedish) External link, opens in new window.

Read more at the SWIC website External link, opens in new window.

For more information, contact:
Mayumi Narongin-Fujikawa, coordinator SWIC, mayumi.narongin@ivl.se, tel. +46 (0)10-788 65 96

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