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News | 2023-02-09
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International conference on transport and related impacts on air pollution, environment, and climate

Two major transport conferences – International Transport and Air Pollution and Shipping and the Environment – will arrange a joint scientific conference in Gothenburg later this year. The conference will provide a broad discussion forum for questions related to the impacts of transport sector on all parts of the environment including the atmosphere, terrestrial ecosystems, the marine environment, and the climate.

– At a time when a fast transition to carbon neutral transport is essential, it is good that these two conferences and their topics are linked more closely together. We need to step up the transition and there are many opportunities for improvement and technical solutions to reduce emissions from the sector, says Åke Sjödin, transport researcher at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, which is hosting the conference.

At the conference held in Gothenburg on 25-28 September, a variety of issues related to emissions of air pollution, greenhouse gases, underwater noise, water pollution and the impact on ecosystems and the marine environment will be discussed.

Topics on the agenda are for example alternative fuels, electrification, and optimization of energy consumption, as well as modelling, measurements and new technology for better control and monitoring of emissions.

The conference will also cover topics including holistic assessment of impacts of transport and scenarios and policy options for sustainable transport.

Submission of abstracts

Conference contributions with presentation of research results are warmly welcome, and for that abstract needs to be sent to the conference by February 24 at the latest.

– We welcome both contributions in the more traditional areas for these transport conferences and more holistic studies that, for example, examine multimodal transport or the impact on several areas of the environment, says Åke Sjödin.

The conferences are arranged in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg and on behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Transport Agency.

Read more about the conference and the program. Opens in new window.

For more information, please contact:
Åke Sjödin, ake.sjodin@ivl.se, + 46 (0)10-788 67 98

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