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News | 2021-09-01
Participants sustainability academy.

Russian youth learnt about Swedish sustainable solutions

Last week, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute arranged a sustainability academy for Russian youth. The academy was financed by the Swedish Institute and the purpose was to increase the youth’s knowledge in waste management, water issues, energy and more.

During the academy, the participants met people from the Swedish Institute, the Swedish Embassy in Moscow, Ikea Russia and IVL. They visited a second-hand shop virtually, learnt how biogas is produced from food waste and were shown different kinds of wastewater treatments.

– I feel inspired by the interactive way of organizing information and activities, as well as by the interest young people are showing towards ecology. It really seems that we do have the instruments to make positive changes together, says Yulia Kovalenko, one of the participants in the academy.

The sustainability academy has been arranged twice before with youth from China and India, but this was the first year that the academy was carried out digitally. The purpose of the academy is to share information about Swedish solutions and motivate the participants to use the knowledge to create a change in their local contexts.

– This is a good opportunity for young people that are interested in these questions to get the tools they need to really make a difference, says Aditi Bhasin, Project Manager for the academy at IVL.

The Russia-Sweden Youth Sustainability Academy is financed by the Swedish Institute and arranged by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. The 16 participants were selected from an application process conducted this spring. During the last days, a number of students from Sweden also participated. After having successfully carried out the academy, the participants receive a certificate from IVL.

For more information, please contact:
Aditi Bhasin, aditi.bhasin@ivl.se, +46 (0)10-788 67 08

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