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News | 2021-02-10
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First wind turbine producer in China to release an EPD

With the assistance of IVL, the global company Goldwind has become the first wind turbine producer in China to release an Environmental Product Declaration. Using the EPD system signal the manufacturer's commitment to measuring and reducing the environmental impact of its products and services and report these impacts in a transparent way.

– Goldwind has set an excellent international industry benchmark for Chinese renewable energy companies. I hope more companies will follow their example, says Lin Qiu, senior research expert at IVL China Office.

With an EPD, manufacturers report comparable, objective and third-party verified data that show the environmental performance of their products and services. Through close cooperation between IVL and Goldwind, the environmental product declaration of Goldwind's two wind turbines are now successfully registered and published in the Italian EPD system. The life cycle data of the two wind turbines shows that the company has followed the principles of green, low-carbon, and energy-saving, in the process of product selection of raw materials, transportation, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

This is the first EPD for wind turbines in the Chinese market, and it arised much attention from China’s official media and the power industry media.

In recent years, more and more EU countries have adopted EPD as a mandatory constraint on product bidding and public procurement and this is something that export companies, not least those in the energy and construction sectors, now must respond to. The release of the Goldwind EPD can therefore strengthened the competitiveness of company’s products in the international market.

– Goldwind is committed to promoting the energy transition in China and the world and both their wind turbines models have demonstrated good environmental performance. The impact of climate change per kilowatt-hour of electricity which represents the carbon emissions, is 7.2g and 8.0g of carbon dioxide equivalent, which is much lower than many other wind turbines used, says Yuqing Zhang, project manager at IVL.

For more information, please contact:
Yuqing Zhang, yuqing.zhang@ivl.se
Li Qiu, lin.qiu@ivl.se

The detailed information of the Goldwind EPD report can be downloaded from the links below:

www.epditaly.it/en/epd/goldwind-gw155-4-5-wind-turbine/ External link, opens in new window.
www.epditaly.it/en/epd/goldwind-gw136-4-2-wind-turbine/ External link, opens in new window.

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