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News | 2021-01-25
En glasbyggnad bakom några gröna träd

New consulting support helps property owners and contractors to optimize the climate of new buildings

How big a climate impact do different buildings have and how can we reduce emissions through material selection and production methods? From next year, requirements will be introduced for climate declarations for new buildings, which can benefit those in the industry who invest in sustainable solutions. An important part of the change is that property owners and contractors have access to quality-assured climate calculations, something within which IVL can now offer consulting services.

The construction and real estate sector accounts for a significant part of society's environmental and climate impact. As part of reducing climate impact, the Government wants to introduce requirements for climate declarations for new buildings from 1 January 2022.

– The requirement for a climate declaration is an important piece of the puzzle in the construction industry's adaptation work, but to reduce the climate impact, property owners also need to set requirements at an earlier stage of the construction process, says Anders Ejlertsson, project manager at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

In the project Climate requirements at a reasonable cost, IVL, together with project partners, has produced a guide for how real estate companies can set climate requirements for new construction. Based on this, IVL has now in the next step developed a number of services that will help contractors and property developers in the work with climate calculations. The services can be used to meet the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's legal requirements or Miljöbyggnad's requirements in indicator 15. The calculations can also be used for comparison in procurement and to set requirements for climate improvement measures.

– The calculations can, for example, be used to improve the climate of a building system and thereby provide competitive advantages. This applies regardless of the material used. Climate calculations that are of high quality are a prerequisite for us to be able to use them in procurements and thus get a real change, says Martin Erlandsson, life cycle expert at IVL.

On IVL's website, there is more information about the services and what support companies can receive, for example, it is possible to order tools for making their own climate calculations or order quality-assured climate calculations at a fixed price. The calculations can be used by property owners who want to map the overall climate impact of their building stock or when contractors want to demonstrate climate improvements in a procurement situation. IVL also offers support to property owners to formulate climate requirements in tender documents and assists in tender evaluation.

– We see that there is a chain of players with building material suppliers and contractors who have the ability to deliver cost-effective climate-optimized solutions, but the requirements need to be set. We are happy to help with that, says Anders Ejlertsson.

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For questions, please contact:
Anders Ejlertsson, anders.ejlertsson@ivl.se, +46 (0)730 - 95 77 21
Martin Erlandsson, martin.erlandsson@ivl.se,+46 (0)10-788 65 30

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