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News | 2019-03-13

Better air in Chile with the Internet of things

The Internet of things project LoV-IoT has been exported. In collaboration with Chilean researchers, local public actors and business partners, the connected sensors will measure air and water pollution in the capital Santiago de Chile.

"We collaborate on global issues, we build knowledge and we build platforms together. At the moment, we are primarily focusing on air pollution, from the industry and from traffic," says IVL's Fredrik Hallgren, who is coordinator support in the project. LoV-IoT (Air and Water - the Internet of things), has developed smart platforms for measuring air pollution and noise. During the autumn of 2018, Fredrik Hallgren, together with a delegation from the project, travelled to Chile to establish a stronger research collaboration and sign a letter of intent between Swedish and Chilean companies and municipalities for continued technology development and knowledge sharing. The connected sensors were then installed at a number of locations in the capital Santiago de Chile to measure air and water pollution. LoV-IoT previously installed sensors in Gothenburg with the same platform solutions. "The point of measuring pollutants in air and water with simple but connected sensors is these provide us with large amounts of real-time data. If we take these datasets and visualize them properly, in the future we will be able to provide better decision support to politicians and bring important environmental information to the public," says Fredrik Hallgren. The project is funded through the Strategic Innovation Programme IoT Sweden and headed by the City of Gothenburg. For more information about the project, please contact: Fredrik Hallgren, fredrik.hallgren@ivl.se, Tel.: +46 010-788 67 83

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