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News | 2018-11-23

Beer from wastewater prized for best PR campaign

IVL and New Carnegie Brewery’s PU:REST beer, brewed from recycled water, has taken gold in this year’s best PR campaign and business to business categories at the Spinn national PR contest.

– In a world threatened by water shortage, we wanted to show that we already have technologies to recycle wastewater into drinking water that is as clean as normal tap water, Staffan Filipsson from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute said in an earlier press release. The water used to brew the beer came from Hammarby Sjöstadsverk, IVL’s research centre, where it has been treated through a long chain of purification steps. After careful quality tests, the water was delivered to the New Carnegie Brewery in Hammarby Sjöstad where it was brewed. Four weeks later, Sweden's first pilsner made from recycled wastewater saw the light of day. – The difficulty with using this relatively energy-efficient method to produce potable water is not technical but emotional. The recycled water is as good and safe as any tap water, but many are sceptical about drinking purified wastewater, says Staffan Filipsson. The Spinn competition took place on November 22th, and is a PR-gala that rewards Sweden’s foremost agencies and best public relations campaigns. PU:REST has sparked a great deal of international attention. For more information, please contact: Staffan Filipsson, staffan.filipsson@ivl.se, +46 (0)10 788 75 65  

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