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News | 2015-05-12

New collaborative research will improve air quality in vehicles

What are the main sources of air pollution in vehicle compartments? What is the driver’s air quality like, and most importantly – how can it be improved? In a new project IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Volvo and the University of Gothenburg will attempt to find the answers.

The main focus of the project will be on particles and how the design of the vehicle's ventilation and air purification equipment affects air quality. The project will also develop robust and effective reality-based testing methods for exposure measurement in traffic. The project will carry out parallel measurements inside and outside the vehicle while it is being driven in varied traffic, air pollution and weather conditions. Both air quality and temperature conditions are important factors affecting the interior environment of the vehicle and as they impact the driver's mental and physical state they play an important role in road safety. – The study should be able to determine whether the substances and particles that drivers are exposed to affect health adversely. We also hope to acquire data that will enable us to better assess the relationship between different particle levels inside and outside the vehicle, said IVL's project manager Jana Moldanova. The project will also attempt to establish a base for new solutions to improve the quality of air in vehicles. The measurements obtained will also form the basis for an evaluation of the work environment for different occupational groups when parameters that affect the whole of the interior and cabin environment are subject to change. The project is expected to run until December 2017. For more information, please contact: Jana Moldanova Email: jana.moldanova@ivl.se

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