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KomPark - Municipal parking instruments for energy-efficient cities

The KomPark project is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and various municipal parking instruments will be investigated to provide more energy-efficient cities and to increase the municipalities' ability to influence traffic.

Previous research shows that reduced access to parking spaces and increased parking fees reduce both car ownership and the demand for car travel in favor of other modes of transport with less emissions. However, several of the rules that currently govern land planning and urban traffic in the municipalities constitute obstacles to modern mobility solutions, and pricing around car parking often provides weak support for modern mobility.

The project will find out where the uncertainties are and has a clear goal of finding out the legal situation, proposing changes and making scenarios that show different effects of the introduction of different parking controls. In addition, the project will provide proposals for a new parking tax and study the effects and political acceptance of such.

Project facts

  • Financed by: Swedish Energy Agency, Transport Efficient Society Program
  • Partners: KlimatKommunerna, Chalmers University of Technology. Participating is also mobility expert: Fredrik Holm.
  • Period: 2020 - 2022


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