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Återbruk Väst works for increased recycling in the construction industry

The project Återbruk Väst (Recycling West), is an arena for collaboration between property owners, architects, public participants and researchers in western Sweden who want to find methods for scaling up recycling in the construction sector to an industrial level.

The project works practically and conducts several case studies concerning recycling in demolition, rebuilding and new construction and digitization of warehouses. Within each case study, a climate calculation must be carried out in order to calculate the carbon dioxide effects of applying recycling.

Återbruk Väst collaborates with the Center for Circular Construction External link, opens in new window., which is led by IVL. The project partners use its inventory tool and marketplace to sell and buy recycled material. The hope is that the inventory of building materials that remains in one project can be used in another instead of becoming waste.

Återbruk Väst will contribute to

  • that today's waste is seen as an efficient resource and an opportunity to reduce environmental and climate impact
  • that recycling is seen as a normal procedure in construction projects and property management
  • to support a new market with players and services related to recycling
  • to develop new working methods and forms of collaboration that support increased recycling and circular construction

Återbruk Väst is led by IVL Swedish Environmental Institute together with Chalmers fastigheter and Business Region Gothenburg.

Project facts

  • Återbruk Väst
  • Budget: 4 MSEK
  • Funder: The IVL Foundation and the Västra Götaland region
  • Partners: Akademiska Hus, Business Region Göteborg, Castellum, Chalmersfastigheter, Göteborgs stad, Johanneberg Science Park, Klövern, Tengbom, White och Västfastigheter
  • Period: 2019 - 2021


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