En telefon som visar statistik

Digital environmental-monitoring for better public health in cities

How can digital technology create a better environment and promote public health in cities? IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, together with several partners, runs the LoV-IoT project, in which a digital environmental monitoring platform has been developed. With the help of sensors and internet of things-technology, it is possible to simplify monitoring of air and water in cities.

The project LoV-IoT, which is the Swedish abbreviation of Air and Water - Internet of things, has developed smart platforms for measuring air pollution and noise. The measurement platforms will be placed around large construction areas, where both dust and emissions from vehicles may affect the air quality. The measuring platforms transmit data in real time and the information can, for example, be used to warn when air pollution levels increase. Then mitigation measures, such as watering of dusty roads or reduced vehicle speeds, can be initiated. The goal is to develop a way to visualize real time data directly to the cellphone or computer.

The sensors are cheap and easy to install. The platforms are currently being tested in the City of Gothenburg and by Centro Mario Molina in Santiago, Chile.

In April 2018, the project won the award as that year's ITSM-initiative. The non-profit organization ITSMF Sweden is responsible for the prize. They work for better standards and best practices within ITSM, IT Service Management.

Facts about project

  • Digital environmental-monitoring for better public health in cities
  • Budget: 12 MSEK
  • Partners: Göteborgs Stad, Talkpool, Vinnter, Rent Dagvatten, Swedish Hydro Solution, Ericsson, IMCG, Insplorion, Hagström Consulting, Trafikverket, Universeum, Acreo, Rise Interactive
  • Financed by: Vinnova,Formas och Energimyndigheten genom IoT Sverige.
  • Period: 2017 - 2020
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