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Center for circular construction

Construction and demolition waste accounts for about a third of Sweden's waste volumes. But thousands of tons of it are of such high quality that it can continue to be used. Digital tools that facilitate reuse and a marketplace for recycled building materials are part of the activities within the project Center for Circular Construction - collaboration for recycling and circular material flows in the construction and real estate sector.

The vision for the project is to create conditions for the recycling of construction products on an industrial scale and contribute to a change at the system level towards circular material flows, where waste becomes resources and the extraction of virgin assets decreases.

The goal is to establish the Center for Circular Construction (CCBuild) as the industry's common arena where actors meet and collaborate on circular material flows during construction, demolition and management. The arena offers networks, knowledge and digital services that strengthen the market for circular products and services in the construction and real estate sector.

In 2015, work was initiated with CCBuild in the project Recycling in the construction sector as an innovative business model and continued in 2017 through the research project Circular product flows in the construction sector - recycling of building materials on an industrial scale. Both were funded through Vinnova's Challenge-driven innovation program (UDI, steps 1 and 2) and led by IVL Swedish Environmental Institute.

Stage 3 of CCBuild runs from 2020 to 2022 and is led by IVL. It has brought together more than thirty actors from the construction and real estate area: industry organizations, property owners, architects, construction contractors, public actors and research institutes. The work is focused on further developing the digital support that was developed in step 2 into user-friendly digital services and to support the industry's collaboration so that circular working methods are widely implemented.

A base for the arena is the website www.ccbuild.se External link, opens in new window., which among other things shows examples of recycling, provides tips on how to work practically and offers a marketplace for buying and / or selling reusable construction products.

The Center for Circular Construction and IVL Swedish Environmental Institute together offer the undergraduate program Circular Construction and Recycling in the Construction Sector. Opens in new window.

Project facts

  • Center for Circular Construction - Collaboration for recycling and circular material flows in the construction and real estate sector
  • Budget: SEK 14.4 million from Vinnova
  • Financed by: Vinnova and the project partners
  • Partners: Akademiska Hus, Bengt Dahlgren, Borlänge Energi, Borlänge kommun, Business Region Göteborg, Byggföretagen, Byggmaterialindustrierna, Byggnadsfirman Otto Magnusson AB, Castellum, Chalmersfastigheter, Cirkulära Göteborg, Climate Recovery, EBAB, Ettelva arkitekter, Familjebostäder, Fastighetsägarna, Göteborgs Stad, Kjellgren Kaminsky, Klövern, Malmö kommun Parkeringsbolag, Malmö Stad , Mölndals kommun, Midroc Properties, MKB fastighets AB, Stålbyggnadsinstitutet, Sweco, Sveriges allmännytta, Uppsala kommun, Vasakronan, White arkitekter, Västfastigheter, Zengun
  • Period: 2020 - 2022


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