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Tools that simplify forecasting in biogas production

The biogas tool is an application that IVL Swedish Environmental Institute has developed for Syvab, which runs the sewage treatment plant Himmerfjärdsverket. The tool is used to simplify follow-up and forecasting of substrate management in biogas production.

Syvab wanted to work long-term with follow-up and forecasting of its biogas plant to achieve good gas production and sludge quality in accordance with the legal requirements, but also for its own quality goals. This required a tool where they could calculate the effects of changes in the substrate composition. They commissioned IVL to develop such a tool.

Visualizes data from different views

The end result was successful. The tool can visualize data in several different views - history view, history view for external substrates and forecast view. The biogas tool gives the user a quick overview of process performance in relation to the law's and certification system Revaq's limits and average historical return.

In addition, it can calculate and report the effects of changes in substrate mixing or introduction of new substrates. Data is stored in a local database that is available throughout the organization. This allows data to be shared between users. The tool can be transferred to other companies that are involved in co-digestion.

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