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Körsbärsträd vid en byggnad

Appealing and socially sustainable residential areas

Build sustainably and appealingly. IVL helps you to create the housing areas of the future based on the citizens' needs and perspectives.

A city that develops in step with the needs of the future in the form of integration, mobility, meeting places, service and recreation - it creates a better life for the residents. Building inclusive areas with high security and many social areas creates social sustainability - something that is always a good deal.

Basing it on commitment, co-creation and unity, further strengthens the area's appeal. Incorporating the vital citizen perspective can strengthen your development work and prevent unnecessary missteps.

We help you find the right methods for how you can include social aspects and meet social requirements, with process management and follow-up. Whether it is testing new climate-smart technology, refurbishing homes from the million program or how commuting places will become more attractive, we will help you with methods to include the residents as co-creators and create a successful dialogue.

We help you with:

  • Process management, follow-up, improvement processes
  • Methods for evaluation, such as surveys and interviews
  • Methods for housing dialogue and include housing as a co-creator.

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