Evenemang 2017-05-09 till 2017-05-10

Sweden - China Green Cooperation Conference

Combining China’s new model for growth and Sweden’s Eco Governance.

China’s phenomenal growth during the last 30 years has been unprecedented in human history. However, it is now clear that this growth model cannot be sustained for the next 30 years. China’s environmental challenges are severe, but are also subject to massive investments by national and local governments. China is today leading the development of several environmental technologies.

Sweden experienced a similar development in the decades after the World War II. Sweden had the highest growth in the world after Japan and was the world’s most oil dependent industrial nation in the beginning of the 1980’s. During 10 years, from 1965-1974, Sweden built one million new homes for a population of 8 million – in relative terms this is more than twice the urbanization rate of China today. Despite these severe challenges on the environment, Sweden has succeeded to decouple economic growth from environmental impact like no other industrial nation. This has been achieved due to successful integration of both new technology and new management methods.

What could China learn from this experience? And how can Sweden and Swedish companies benefit from China’s rapid environmental technology development? This two-day event will focus on new technology presentations from both Swedish and Chinese companies as well as sharing eco governance experience and best practices.

Program (preliminary, to be updated)

May 9

09:00–12:00 Operning remarks and keynote speeches
Minister of Enterprise and Innovation, Mr Mikael Damberg
Ambassador, Mr Chen Yuming

12:00–13:30 Lunch (Free discussion)

13:30–17:00 Three indepent sub-forums: challenges & best practices
1. Smart Green Energy
2. Green Transportation
3. Green City Solution

18:00–20:00 Dinner at Stockholm City Hall

May 10

09:00–10:30 Needs of new competence & technology

10:30–12:30 Individual presentations from Chinese and Swedish companies; technology solutions & competences 

12:00–13:30 Lunch (Free discussions)

13:30–16:00 Business cooperation dicussions and matchmaking

13:30–16:00 Greentech financing

May 11

09:30–16:00 Optional visits
Smart City Sweden

Initiators: The Embassy of P.R. of China in Sweden, Sweden-China Trade Council/Sweden-China, Greentech Alliance

Organised in cooperation with: IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Nordic Sustainable Development Association, Invest Stockholm, Jiangsu Province representative Office in Sweden, Shangdong Province Invest Shanghai

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