Researchers from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute have for several years studied the metabolism of phosphorus in the Baltic coastal areas and the ecological relevance of this in terms of increased algal growth. The results indicate that the influx of phosphorus from sediments to water is an important process for the nutritional status of shallow enclosed areas of the Swedish archipelago.
Despite the fact that a compromise was finally reached at the UN climate change conference in Lima much remains to be done before the next global summit in Paris December 2015. But most important of all is that all countries want to reach a long-term agreement, said Johanna Lissinger Peitz from the Swedish Ministry of the Environment, after the Mistra Indigo breakfast seminar in December.
A new Nordic screening study shows that pollutants emitted from common household products such as hair conditioner and cosmetics are widely dispersed in the environment.
Fish waste transformed into biogas and outgoing wastewater so pure that in principle it’s possible to drink it. These are the plans for the Simrishamn treatment plant, where IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is now testing a raft of large-scale purification techniques. One of the principal environmental benefits is the removal of pharmaceutical residues from wastewater.
Since 1986 IVL has been engaged in environmental issues in China, in locations such as the multi-million city of Tianjin, where a demonstration project with biogas buses is now coming on line. Interest in Swedish environmental solutions is considerable, and this year IVL's Vice President Östen Ekengren was presented with the Tianjin Haihe Friendship Award, an award dedicated to foreign experts who have influenced the city's development in a positive direction.
In September unusually high concentrations of sulphur dioxide have been found in the Swedish counties of Norrbotten (North Bothnia) and Västerbotten (West Bothnia). This according to new measurements from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Researchers say that it is very likely that an ongoing volcanic eruption in Iceland is responsible for the sulphur compounds detected in Sweden.
In parallel with talks on EU's 2030 climate and energy package there is on-going discussion in Brussels about how to rescue the bloc’s cap-and-trade system for carbon dioxide emissions. Member states should sharpen the proposal that the European Commission has put forward, say experts from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Fores in a new report.
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute expands its business area sustainable building and open a new office in the Western Harbour district in Malmö. A major focus will be on sustainable urban development – an area in which IVL and the City of Malmö have been collaborating for quite some time.
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute takes another step towards energy and climate smart urbanisation. The Cityfied project will make several European cities smart through a more efficient use of energy.
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has carried out a study to determine the amount of micro debris discharged from a selection of Swedish wastewater treatment plants. Sampling shows that large quantities of minute plastic particles, 0.02 millimeters or larger, are discharged into the sea along with the wastewater.

Updated: 2013-06-25
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