Plans for a massive expansion of air traffic in the United Kingdom sparked a national debate that ultimately led to a political breakthrough in the EU to include aviation in the emission trading system, IVL's Katarina Buhr shows in her dissertation put forward December 19, 2008.
The EU-China CDM Facilitation Project is financed by the European Commission with 2.8 million Euros in total during the period 2007-2010, which makes it the largest EU capacity building project in China. The project is led by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, and is carried out in collaboration with the leading research institute in China and central authorities in the climate field as well as prominent CDM experts in Europe. Now reports are available on the CDM market of today in China.
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute will as a partner participate in the conference on Cleantech innovations — smart climate solutions during the event Sustainable France on the 20th of November at Konserthuset in Stockholm. IVL's Deputy MD Östen Ekengren will give an overview of the Swedish cleantech sector during the event.
IVL and NTM, The Network for Transport and Environment, have received 2.4MSEK from VINNOVA to develop a new environmental analysis tool for transportation of goods. The intention is that the tool will develop to become international standard. This will further deepen the already initiated collaboration between IVL and NTM. It is also planned for IVL to take over the NTM secretariat in 2009.
Today, climate issues are involved in almost every sector and area. That is one of the reasons why IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute now broadens and strengthens its competence in the climate area by recruiting Christina Frost, former secretary in the Commission on Climate and Vulnerability done by the Swedish Government 2005-2007.
With its wide-ranging network of contacts in society and its cooperation with the different branches of the business sector, IVL can play a vital role in solving the complex environmental and climate problems of today. Those are the words of Tord Svedberg, who today becomes President of IVL, succeeding Björn Lundberg who in turn retires after having held the position for the last 20 years.
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute will from the first of June take over the operational business of Aimex — one of Sweden's leading companies when it comes to assessing damages caused by moisture and mildew. The take-over is a reinforcement and yet another demonstration of IVL's ambition to be a central actor in the area of sustainable building.
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute will together with a consortium of research institutes and industry develop tomorrow's sustainable washing machine for domestic use. The aim is to, within three years, have a washing machine prototype that uses 70 per cent less water and 60 per cent less electricity as well as substantially less laundry detergent compared to the best washing machines available today.
The Board of IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd. has today appointed Tord Svedberg as new Managing Director for the company. Tord Svedberg succeedes Björn Lundberg, who retires after 20 years as Managing Director for IVL.
IVL develops carbon calculators that can help individuals as well as companies and organisations to calculate their greenhouse gas emissions. We develop similar calculators for the carbon footprints of products.

Updated: 2013-06-25
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