Natural Resources & Environmental Effects

Water, land and forests — Environmental impact analysis — Environmental organic analysis

We analyse the impact the exploitation of natural resources and the use of chemicals has on ecosystems. Mainly, we are working with environmental impacts on land, sea, lakes and streams caused by the use of chemicals, the spread of nutrients and utilization of natural resources. Our focus is on method development and to identify new substances that may be potential environmental toxins. The scope of our work covers everything from the analysis of impacts on ecosystems, humans and organisms to how the use of renewable and non-renewable natural resources affects the environment.
We also perform ordinary chemical analysis, especially of substances on the EU list of priority substances and new chemicals. The assignments we receive come from both authorities like the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Forestry Board, and the Energy Agency, as well as from industry and other smaller private actors. Our assignments can for example be about soil analysis, insurance matters and chemical spills.
Contact person: Mona Olsson Öberg

Updated: 2015-05-18
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